The Movement

by Beneath The Veil

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Debut EP by band Beneath The Veil, released May 14th, 2011


released May 14, 2011

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at AJP Studios in Temecula, Ca

Gabe Galvez*
Sam Alili
Evan Dykes*
Adam Artea*
Fernando Frutos*
Jake Kelley

*no longer in band



all rights reserved


Beneath The Veil Corona, California

Beneath The Veil
Southern California

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Track Name: SYG
I am not ashamed of you.

Broken, I then saw a light brighter than an darkness.

We are the giants of the sky and we've come here tonight to gain some ground.

I'm not ashamed of you.

Lend me your ears, we live in desperation and misery for all to see.

But we push on for the truth in this world.

Lost in your mind. Your morals mix with your intuition.

Lost in the skies. The constellations begin to fall.

And so steadfast and become something that will never change, immovable.

It is sown within our dishonor and it is raised in our glory.

By these words I love.

We will bring forth the end of this world for an eternal weight to be lifted from our shoulders.

Every single word that has ever been said will be taken from the lips of the man who decided that enough was enough.

This is my life. My glory. My one chance at freedom.

This is my life. My glory. Don't try and take that away.

Oceans are only numbers.

Once you've been carried away, I'll send my regards.

So they say that one day the skies will fall.

I take heed to your persecution.

However, the rubies of your broken world will come to an end before you.

This is a declaration.

These are words of hope.

I swear to you I'll never sleep!

With these words I declare, stand your ground.
Track Name: The Human Project
Mankind can not bear much more of this reality.

Beyond the dead sits an empire thriving upon internal reign.

You wear no crown of power.

No one claims you to be king.

So why must I listen to your every word?

I'm not listening to anything or anyone.

All of my actions go against your every word and I believe it's time for you to sit back and listen.

You reign sickened with eternal rage.

We as a broken nations youth will no longer stand for it's oppressors, it's unjust law, and unfair rule.

Words that are put into our mouths will be spat out and seen as blasphemy.

For we are not blind. We are not deaf. We are not sick. And we surely are not weak.

For here tonight, we are a family.

And here tonight,


Don't you close my eyes.

Don't you shut my lips.

Don't you break me down.

Don't you dare.

We the people will rise up as one.

You will see what this world hides from you.